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As a qualified Swedish Massage/Shiatsu therapist of 20 years standing, whose daytime job is something completely unrelated (media producer), it hasn't been easy finding willing 'patients' to practice on over those years...until I discovered Massage Exchange last year. " I've met some wonderful people and professional therapists, some on an on-going basis, and the best thing is that the site is global so if you travel you can always find others to exchange with in different parts of the world, and hopefully make a friend in the process.I've already exchanged massage with therapists from the UK and the US as well as different parts of Australia. We have been members for over 2 years and we have had mostly positive experiences.I've met some real nice people on the site and have exchange massaged with many of them. I've met a lot of good men of the same interests and also managed to learn new techniques.It's always been enjoyable meeting other therapists who are interested in doing exchanges and making friends with many of them. As a member of Massage Exchange, I have given and enjoyed some very memorable massages. I've made a couple of good mates on the site and regularly exchanges with them.No bad experiences and have met some really nice and interesting people. I have had no problems on the site and have found most users to be genuine lovers of massage as well.I would recommend a membership, the cost of which is easily made up for with the number of great and free massage exchanges I have had. Since I joined, not only have I been able to get up to speed on my massage technique with regular practice on 'receive-only' volunteers but also with other trained therapists who are happy to exchange therapeutic massage and technique with you. To quote a line from that song, "Who could ask for anything more?

I get a weekly summary showing members who have viewed my profile, and I get a weekly email showing new members who live near me.Just wanted to write to you saying what fantastic results I've been getting on this site.I now have several regulars, wonderful genuine people, who I exchange with... I'm currently averaging up to 3 exchanges per week with enthusiasts I met on this site.Thank you so much for both this exchange service, and the great features within. It certainly is a great service that you provide for connecting like minded people.I personally adore exchange and barter as a way of life where possible in this monetary society and it is so lovely to be able to share skills and develop nurturing and positive attitudes towards much needed touch therapy.

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